Feeding Line Broiler

Poultry Feeding Line Broiler Breeder Automatic Feed System Farming Chicken Feeding Pan

1- Hopper
2- Delivery Pipe and Auger
3- Feed Pan
4- Feed Sensor and Drive Motor
5- Anti-Roost System


Essential Details
Condition: New
Brand Name: Mega Star Poultry
Applicable Industries: Farms, Poultry House
Core Components: Motor, PLC, Other, Sensors, Pans
Weight: 150 KG
Warranty: More than 5 years
Model Number: AF1
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2021
Machinery Test Report: Not Available
Warranty of core components: 1.5 years
Key Selling Points: Automatic

Complete Pan Feeding System

Item Specifications
High-quality special driving motor Italy Transtechno
Power: 0.75kw, voltage: 380V, frequency: 50HZ, three-phase AC current
V-shaped Bin (With Hopper)
Bin Volume: 115L, hopper volume: 38L, Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet
Feeding Pipe

3m 4holes

Diameter: φ45mm

Material: Quality hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with the zinc coating amount of more than 275g/m2
South African Auger
Feeding Capacity: 450kg/h
Germany Capacitive Level Sensor
Time delay range 0 to 2 hours
Hanging System
All the required parts including the winches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I am interested in your poultry equipment. What is the best price of each unit ?

A1: Please try to inform us the basic information as below for our reference, so that we recommend the suitable option and quote the exact price to you accordingly: a) What is the dimension L*W*H of your chicken house? Price has direct relationship with the dimension, because some parts are quoted by length, some by lines. b) How many birds will you keep? c) Will you feed broiler or layer?

Q2: My chicken house hasn't been built, can you give us some advice?

A2: OK. Please proceed building as your plan. If you have enough ground , we can advice house dimension according to your preference.

Q3: This is my first time for importing, can you ship the goods to my address ?

A3: No problem. We can send our products to the place you want.

Q4: I worry about the installation of poultry equipment, can you help me ?

A4: Yes, we can. We will send brochure and video for your reference for free. Also we can share instruction on line; Overseas installation team is available, but it will charge .

Q5: I plan to be retailer of poultry farming equipment at the same time, can you give me some support ?

A5: Yes, we can. We will give our agents techique support for free. Also discount price according to the quantity .
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